June 14, 2023

Hangsen Group: The sustainable development of Chinese e-cigarette industry needs to follow standards and norms

In 2003, Han Li, a Chinese pharmacist, invented the e-cigarette. Today, China owns 90% of the world’s e-cig patents, more than 90% of the output, and nearly 90% of the export. In order to let more peopl understand the latest trends in the e-cig market, understand the views and opinions of capital on this new track, 36 Kr and IECIE Shanghai Steam Culture Week jointly held the “E-cigarette Entrepreneurship in the New Consumption Era” forum activity.”

Hangsen Group is a world-renowned manufacturer of e-liquid, and its products are sold in more than 80 countries and regions around the world. Yao Jide, chairman of Hangsen Group, said in his speech that the development of e-cigarette needs to ensure the safety of products, and industry standards and norms are necessary conditions for the long-term development of the e-cig industry.

The following is the actual speech of Yao Jide, Chairman of Hangsen Group (edited by 36 Kr):

Chairman of Hangsen Group-Yao Jide


I am Yao Jide from Hangsen, and I am also the executive vice president of China Electronic Commercial Electronic Cigarette Association. Before sharing, I heard that many guests have some concerns about the development and status of e-cigarette. Let me share my views.

From the birth of the e-cigarette to the present, it has gone through more than a dozen years, and I have followed the pace of the e-cig industry from the beginning. Practitioners in the e-cig industry are very pleased with the achievements of e-cigarette today. Exports have increased from zero to tens of billions a year. It can be said that there are Chinese e-cig everywhere in the world. However, there are still some problems with the development, especially the incident of smoking marijuana with electronic devices in the United States in the past two months, resulting in the death of users. This incident has triggered accusations against e-cig by foreign media and many other departments.

Based on this series of events, what I want to share with you today is that “it takes hard work to strike iron.” If we do not pay attention to the safety of e-cig, then we ourselves will not be able to stand the test. At the beginning of the e-cig, there were indeed battery and other problems. Now this technical problem has been completely solved, but there are still potential risks in the e-liquid. At present, the development trend at home and abroad is more focused on the pursuit of flavors, so what is the flavor in the e-liquid? If practitioners do not seriously and responsibly add ingredients that are safe and in line with national standards, problems will arise.

For example, in 2016, there was a milk-flavored e-cig in the United States, which became popular in the domestic market after entering China. However, after inspection, it was found that the harmful components seriously exceeded the standard, and the maximum exceeded the standard by several hundred times, and these substances were all carcinogenic. Many people who don’t know the truth think that this flavor is very good. In fact, the reason why the smell of milk is strong is because of the addition of a lot of harmful substances. After 2016, the EU TBD proposed to resolutely prohibit the addition of these substances. In the development of e-cigarette, the European Union has set up a number of standards such as experiments, clinical trials, and testing, and has invested a lot of manpower and material resources. Finally, the TBD has been established to regulate and control the sale of electronic atomizers.


As practitioners in the electronic atomization industry, we also deeply feel that e-cigarette cannot develop blindly. We urgently hope that relevant government departments will issue regulations and mandatory standards in the field of e-cigarette. Only in this way can the entire industry truly move forward and continue to develop.

At the same time, all practitioners in the vaping industry must put safety first. I just heard Weng Xueyi from Wolf Smoke World say that their brand is designed with safety as the standard, and the first concern of products is safety. I hope everyone has this awareness, not just thinking about how much they can sell.

As a national industry in China, e-cigarette have not been easy to reach today after more than ten years of development. I hope that everyone here, including the media, will have a comprehensive understanding of the e-cigarette industry, help the industry to develop healthily, and also contribute to China’s export earnings.

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