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Lemon Cake

Who can resist the creamy and lemony taste of the Lemon Cake flavor? Apart from the cosy treat for the taste buds, the giant cloud coming from this e-liquid makes you feel as if you were actually breathing out a steamy cake!

Strawberry Smoothie

Summer time is always better with refreshing smoothie vape juices. The Strawberry Smoothie from Hangsen is created for that just purpose. The pleasantly chilly rush of the smoothie, combined with clean strawberry sweetness, can surely take you away from the summer heat.

Fruits Crush

Prepare to get your sense of taste “crushed” by the strong influx of a combined fruit flavor. Among them the lemon stands out as the main note, together with a less stronger apple taste as the sweetening compensation.

Loose Cut

For cloud chasing tobacco lovers looking for a sweet twist, the Loose Cut is no doubt a premium choice. Here’s where ashy tobacco blend meets its impeccable sweetening counterpart. Very well balanced and satisfying.