Hangsen Lab

Hangsen has three international centres in Europe, USA and Asia. We possess ISO 9, HACCP certificate (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) and GMP certificate, guaranteeing the consistent and high standard quality. Hangsen also has built the first CNAS certified chemical lab, which can take third party samples and certify them with testing.

Research and Development

  • 100+ R&D Engineers
    Hangsen R&D team consists of 100+ professionals from different nationalities and backgrounds, aims at meeting clients needs and developing e-liquids that lead the market trend consistently.
  • R&D Laboratory
    Hangsen owns a self-built 200 square metres laboratory that stands at the front of the industry, and is fully qualified to conduct e-liquid and e-cigarette testings.
  • R&D Patent
    Up to now, Hangsen has obtained 290 patents, including 207 smoking article patents, 34 tobacco oil patents, 49 design patents, 7 utility patents and 9 European patents.

Full TPD/CLP Compliance

  • 25 EU countries compliance TPD
  • 9 global authoritative labs in collaboration for TPD tests
  • 10 Quality Control Procedures, 5 Product Testing Procedures
  • USP Grade Raw Materials Made in the U.S

Research and Development

Hangsen patented extraction manufacturing craftiness is a multi-step controlled methods.

  • Advantages of supercritical fluid extraction technique
  • No heat-degradation
  • No organic solvent residual
  • Complete extraction with nature aroma

Traceability System

Every bottle Hangsen e-liquid has a sample stored up to a minimum of 2 years that trace the source of all raw materials, includes the time/date manufactured and the machine used, and ingredients which relate to a batch of nicotine, PG and VG, flavoring.

  • Quality measuring starts with the raw material supplier
  • Implementing and monitoring production systems at all levels assures quality
  • Highly qualified employees on staff to oversee manufacturing and QA
  • All manufacturing equipment is process qualified, validated and documented