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ECCC Launching PR Campaigns in the UK ECCC Launching PR Campaigns in the UK

ECCC Launching PR Campaigns in the UK

COMPANY 2023-11-10

The China Electronics Chamber of Commerce's Electronic Cigarette Committee (ECCC), led by its Chairman Yao Jide, embarked on a series of public relations activities in the United Kingdom, following an invitation from John Dunne, the chairman of the UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA). The ECCC's overseas delegation in the UK officially commenced their activities on November 6th in London.

During their visit, the ECCC delegation, which included seven member companies such as Hangsen, not only attended the annual UKVIA conference but also engaged in a series of significant public relations activities. They explored local channels, connected with international resources, and established business contacts to provide comprehensive services for member companies looking to enter the UK market.

On the morning of November 7th, local time in London, Mr. Yao Jide, Chairman of the ECCC, led the team to visit the Economic and Commercial Counsellor's Office at the Chinese Embassy in the UK. They were warmly received by Counsellor Li Peng and First Secretary Gao Fangfei. Mr. Yao Haoyu, CEO of Hangsen, Mr. Ao Weinuo, Secretary-General of the Electronic Cigarette Committee, and secretariat members Chen Yang and Huang Yi also attended the meeting. An in-depth discussion on the future development trends of the vaping industry in China and the UK was held.

The Chinese Embassy in the UK, as the highest-level representative institution of the People's Republic of China in the UK, carries the important responsibility of promoting Sino-British economic and trade relations. The Chinese Commercial Counsellor in the UK plays a crucial role in promoting trade, investment, and technological cooperation between China and the UK. Their duties extend beyond communication and coordination with British industry organizations, enterprises, and government departments; they also provide professional consulting, assistance, and services for Sino-British business cooperation.

During the meeting, Mr. Yao Jide reported on the legalization and regulation of e-cigarettes, the current state of the global e-cigarette industry, and the UK e-cigarette market, and exchanged in-depth views with Commercial Counsellor Li Feng. He stated that the UK is one of the most supportive countries of the e-cigarette industry, playing a pivotal role in its development. Moving forward, the ECCC, as a representative of China's e-cigarette industry, should establish a close contact and cooperation with the Chinese Embassy in the UK to increase economic exchanges and promote the prosperity of Sino-British trade.

Counsellor Li Peng expressed appreciation for the global reach of Chinese e-cigarette products and welcomed Chinese e-cigarette enterprises to explore the UK market. He assured that he would maintain contact with the Electronic Cigarette Committee and provide all possible assistance and policy guidance to Chinese e-cigarette companies in their market expansion efforts in the UK.

Mr. Yao Haoyu, CEO of Hangsen, also mentioned the importance of deeply understanding the business environments, legal regulations, and market demands of China and the UK to better provide partners with in-depth analysis and forward-looking suggestions for the UK market.

In the afternoon of November 7th, Mr. Yao Jide and the team visited the China Chamber of Commerce in the UK, where they were warmly received by Wu Lin, the Secretary-General of the China Chamber of Commerce, who also serves as the Director and General Manager of the Integrated Management Department of the Bank of China London Branch, along with Zhao Xinran, General Manager of Retail Technology Ltd, and Project Manager Zhong Juetao.

The China Chamber of Commerce in the UK (formerly known as the Association of Chinese-Funded Enterprises) was established in 2001. It is a non-profit community organization legally registered by Chinese-funded enterprises and Chinese economic and trade institutions in the UK, representing the interests of Chinese-funded enterprises and serving them.

Mr. Yao introduced the Committee's background, the journey towards legal regulation of the industry, and the current state of industrial development. Secretary-General Wu Lin provided detailed insights into the UK's business policies and environment and expressed his willingness to help ECCC member companies find partners and build bridges in the UK to support their market development efforts. The ECCC delegation expressed gratitude and committed to maintaining good communication and collaboration in future cooperation to jointly promote the healthy development of the UK's e-cigarette market.

As a significant player at the forefront of the global e-cigarette industry, Hangsen is committed to driving technological innovation and industry renewal. Eager to continue progressing, Hangsen looks forward to leveraging their innovative capabilities, high-quality services, and technological breakthroughs to provide a more diversified range of electronic vaporization products and solutions, in line with the "low-carbon" and "low-harm" trends of the industry.