June 14, 2023

Hangsen Technology was invited to attend the VAPEXPO in Spain on June 4

On June 4, 2022, Hangsen Technology, as the world’s leading e-liquid manufacturer, was invited to participate in the VAPEXPO e-cigarette exhibition in Madrid, Spain, which is the largest and most important e-cigarette exhibition in Spain. Since the first session was successfully held in Bordeaux in March 2014, Paris and other French cities have successively held “VAPEXPO”, and now this exhibition has crossed the border to Spain, a place with great business opportunities and a multicultural atmosphere.


The total area of the exhibition is 11,000 square meters. Manufacturers, molders, wholesalers, store managers, and health experts from China, Japan, Russia, Italy, Dubai, Turkey, the United States, Australia, Canada, Mexico and other countries of e-liquid and equipment , critics, etc. gathered here, and the number of exhibitors reached 12,780.


As the first industry pioneer in the world to use PG, VG, flavors and nicotine to prepare e-liquid, Hangsen Technology is also one of the Chinese manufacturers with the largest market share in Europe. In this exhibition, Hangsen joined hands with ATOM, CLASSICS, etc. Many best-selling sub-brands and the latest B2B e-cigarette supply chain solutions were unveiled at the exhibition, attracting many customers to discuss cooperation.

Hangsen ATOM series product display


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