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Hangsen Research Institute - Pioneering tomorrow's vaping experience Hangsen Research Institute - Pioneering tomorrow's vaping experience

Hangsen Research Institute - Pioneering tomorrow's vaping experience

COMPANY 2024-02-21

Hangsen proudly celebrates over a decade of setting vaping industry standards. As a global leader, we have consistently delivered premium vape juice flavors, captivating millions of vapers worldwide. To spearhead product development in this field, Hangsen invested in and established the Hangsen Research Institute in 2022, aiming to lead the way in research and innovation in vaping products and reinforce its status as a globally renowned research institution.

Delving into the Institute

Hangsen Research Institute boasts a team of seasoned researchers, led by a group of senior Ph.D. holders, and includes over 60 engineers and product technology experts specializing in chemistry and materials. The Institute houses more than 50 large equipment pieces, including GC-MS, LC-MS, and ICP-MS. Aiming to shift R&D from speed to cutting-edge technology applications, HRI adheres to compliance, innovation, and harm reduction as its primary research objectives, with six core research directions.

Single Compound Flavoring

A commitment to a more precise and controllable flavor expression involves a detailed study of the performance attributes of individual flavoring ingredients. This approach aims to provide meticulous and satisfying flavor experiences for vape juices, while simultaneously reducing unknown risk factors.

By understanding the specific characteristics and interactions of each flavor component, manufacturers can achieve a higher level of accuracy in flavor replication and customization. This precision not only enhances the consumer experience but also contributes to the overall safety and quality of the product. The goal is to create flavors that are not only delightful but also consistent and reliable, fostering trust and satisfaction among consumers.

Our meticulous research into single compound flavorings enhances accuracy and satisfaction in vape juice experiences, ensuring delightful, consistent, and safe vape flavors you can trust.

Innovative Vaping Materials and Technologies

Hangsen Research Institute is dedicated to researching and developing state-of-the-art materials and technologies for vaping, aiming to enhance the vaping experience, flavor, and overall quality of our products, while also focusing on harm reduction. By integrating the principles of materials science with advanced engineering techniques, our team is constantly in pursuit of innovative solutions in the vaping industry. This approach enables us to break new ground and set higher standards in the market. Our commitment to innovation not only results in superior vaping products but also drives progress in the field, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of technological advancements and provide our customers with an exceptional vaping experience.

Product Reliability and Safety

Hangsen Research Institute places a strong emphasis on product safety research by deeply evaluating the toxicological characteristics of vaping products, using only real experimental test data to establish safety standards that go beyond international compliance standards, driving the industry towards a safer, more harm-reduced direction and actively promoting the sustainable development of the vaping industry. With large-scale factories in China, Poland, and Indonesia, we ensure high-quality products globally. Our CNAS laboratory conducts rigorous tests at various stages and the MES manufacturing system provides traceability and anti-failure warnings from raw material to product. We also adhere to ISO-9001, HACCP, and GMP quality management systems for excellence in e-liquid safety and reliability.

A Hangsen lab operator expertly utilizes advanced analytical equipment to meticulously examine the chemical components for crafting premium vape juice.

Policy and Compliance

A team of legal and compliance experts closely tracks and researches policies and regulations globally, conducting in-depth analysis of the implementation details, and leveraging the institute's advanced physical and chemical testing equipment to ensure that Hangsen's e-liquid products comply with the regulatory requirements of countries worldwide. Our compliance review in the global market covers many aspects including the raw materials, nicotine concentration, packaging specifications, descriptive materials, warning labels, and registration filing of e-liquids.

A Hangsen professional conducts a thorough examination of e-liquid package design on-screen to ensure all regulatory and quality standards are precisely met.

E-liquid and Device Adaptability

Due to the highly complex process involved in vaping technology, the Institute conducts thorough and in-depth analyses of the interactions between vape juice and vape tools. This meticulous study ensures that we can guarantee consistency and outstanding performance across a wide range of vaping and e-cigarette devices. Our research focuses on understanding the nuances of how different vape juices behave in conjunction with various vaping tools, examining factors such as heat resistance, chemical stability, and flavor delivery. By doing so, we aim to optimize the vaping experience for users, ensuring that they receive the same high-quality experience regardless of the device they choose. This commitment to excellence and attention to detail is central to our approach, as we strive to enhance the safety, reliability, and enjoyment of vaping products.

Computer-Aided Product Development

To further propel the industry forward, Hangsen Research Institute utilizes advanced digital technology for product development. The goal is to expedite the creation of new flavors, lock down foundational formulas, and significantly enhance the efficiency of our flavor development team through digital flavor simulation and intelligent ingredient data analysis systems.

Driving Tomorrow's Vaping Experience

HRI is dedicated to groundbreaking research, focusing on innovations that will shape the future of the vaping industry for years to come, and understanding "single compound flavoring" is crucial in grasping the essence of our research. A key initiative is revolutionizing flavor expression by isolating individual flavoring components, a departure from traditional methods. This method seeks precision and control, reduces unknown risks associated with complex compound reactions, enhances flavor experiences, and signifies a paradigm shift in the industry.

Our Investment in the Future

Hangsen has invested over 7 million dollars in the construction of the Hangsen Research Institute, fully equipping it with state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge equipment. This substantial investment underscores our dedication to advancing vaping related research and fostering the industry's sustainable development. As a pioneer in the e-liquid manufacturing industry since our inception in 2009, the addition of our Hangsen Research Institute stands as an example of innovation in the field of vaping research. As we usher in a new era of vaping, we invite you to explore our products and services, deeply intertwined with the investments and breakthroughs at HRI. Whether you seek a widely trusted OEM, a white-label service provider, or wholesale distribution of our own branded e-liquids, Hangsen is here to elevate your vaping experience.

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