The Hangsen Quality

The Hangsen brand is built upon Hangsen’s core values:quality and credibility.
This is demonstrated via the certificates that we’ve obtained throughout the years.
Here you will find the proof of Hangsen Quality: from TPD compliance materials to conventional manufacturing certificates.

What is TPD?

TPD stands for the European Union's "Tobacco Product Directive" taken into effect on Nov. 20th, 2016.
It is a regulation that governs the production, the presentation, and the marketing of tobacco and e-cigarette products in the EU.
In order to legally commercialize e-cigarette products, manufacturers must make sure that their products are TPD compliant and have them notified in respective EU countries.
We fully embrace the TPD as a solid proof of our expertise. Apart from TPD-compliant product packaging, we currently have over 200 e-liquid SKUs notified in 16 EU countries.

Hangsen Global Collaborative Labs

To ensure the most rigorous production standard, we collaborate with 9 authoritative laboratories worldwide.
We are honored to have the following testing partners:

CLP Compliance

Hangsen brand e-liquid bottles complies with relevant CLP regulations.
Here you are about to see the details of our CLP compliance.
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