June 14, 2023

2022 European Autumn New product

Recently, Hangsen Technology has successfully developed more than 40 disposable Bar-style bottled e-liquid solutions after a long research and development cycle of 3 months in response to the trend of European flavors. The new flavors of this season have been carefully polished by senior perfumers and rigorous market launch tests to ensure the accuracy of flavors and equipment adaptability. If you are going to explore the European bottled e-liquid market, these new flavors will be your best choice.

This season’s product plans all comply with the EU TPD standard, and all are 10ml products with the standard 50VG:50PG configuration. For nicotine, high-quality nicotine salt with excellent palatability is used, and two concentrations of 10mg/ml and 20mg/ml can be customized.

Flavors Informations

Blue Razz is full of blueberry, raspberry and sour and sweet lemonade aroma. It is currently the most popular flavor solution in the disposable bar market.

Sour Apple perfectly simulates the sweet and sour and juicy green apple aroma. Compared with traditional ripe apples, it has a more smoke-resistant ration attribute, and it is also a product solution with higher sales in the market.


Triple Mango is a flavor full of strong tropical mango aroma. While maintaining the rich aroma, it is necessary to balance the tolerance of the taste nerves to the strong aroma. This has become the most difficult subject in the research and development process. Now this project also contributes to our unique product advantages.




Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum is a bubblegum flavor product mixed with strawberry watermelon fruity aroma. It is fragrant, and on the exhale you will feel the sweet flavor from bubblegum in the aftertaste.

For more informations, please contact our sales manager at service@hangsentech.com